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As a child I grew up in Romania -  A Jew surrounded by other religions, as a result, I suffered from bullying and boycotts. To deal with this, I ate - and a lot! I closed myself in the house and ate sugars and carbs and played computer games (and I was really good at them). So how much did I weigh? At the peak, I reached a weight of 142 kilos (313 pounds)! 
Together with my family, I returned to Israel as a fat boy and the bullying continued. As a patriotic boy I wanted to join the army but while everyone in high school received army recruitment letters - I received a letter telling me the army would not recruit me due to me being overweight - something I will never accept!! At that moment I decided I would lose weight no matter what.  I started on a starvation diet - which I thought at that time was the best thing for me - after all, to lose weight you just need to eat - Something that today I know to be wrong and unhealthy! But in those days I didn't have a mentor and coach to tell me otherwise. 

I lost weight and joined the army - but my mental state was damaged (as a result of a hormonal imbalance). As time passed, and with the tremendous experience and the research I did over the years - I understood where I was wrong and how to explain to others how to make the change right! 

My first goal, which was to join the army - I accomplished. After that, I saw in my eyes my second goal - to win the "Mr. Israel" competition and prove to myself that the fat boy, who has been bullied and boycotted, can reach the top. 

Within a few months from the moment I set a goal - I achieved it by winning the prestigious competition (photos from the competition and the win can be seen at the end of the page) and I built myself the body I always wanted, and most importantly - I maintain it to this day with the help of proper technique, proper nutrition, and personalized self-discipline.

After all, everyone knows about diets and programs that promise a perfect body, but in reality, they don't work or you can't stick to them - it's not the case here.  my personal success and my record success stories of others I worked with are the biggest proof of that.

I invite you to get in touch with me and hear more about why I am telling you that I am the last coach you will ever need! 

Success Stories 

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